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On Saturday while out in London, I made two bathroom visits during the course of the day. Here’s what happened. In the first bathroom, after faffing around trying to get the tap at the sink to work, the guy at the next sink realised there was an automatic sensor above and to the left of […]

How to start


There are quite a few terms such as User Experience Designer, Interaction Designer and Information Architect flying around… what are the differences? I think this diagram tries to explain it, but I don’t have a clear idea just yet. Just a short post this time. Here’s a bunch of links that you might find useful. […]

Why blog?


In my last post, I talked about how Scary Evil Computers like Sheila are taking over our lives. I forgot to mention by the way, I’m a computer programmer… yep. A programmer who hates computers. Isn’t that a bit weird? That’s what I thought too. Something’s gone slightly wrong somewhere. So I thought about what […]

Look at those teeth! At least it’s not moving… Doesn’t look like it’s going to cause us any trouble… it’s just watching… quietly. Those damn computers are everywhere aren’t they? Firmly a part of our society. One thing’s for sure – we love them and we hate them. It’s obvious that computers are invading our […]